What is EigerSoft ICE?

ICE enables existing Big Data and Analytics infrastructures to leverage the immense computational power of the Graphical Processor Unit. The Eigersoft platform builds on research work performed in some of the worlds most forward thinking Computer Science labs that demonstrated increases in query execution performance in the realms of 20-100x. This paradigm shift in query execution performance will enable analysts and end users to have a much more immersive and interactive relationship with their data. Paving the way to gain new insights, and unlock dramatic ways to exploit the biggest asset any enterprise has “their data” to drive sustainable competitive advantage and operational efficiency

How It works


The EigerSoft ICE GPU query execution platform builds off this research and consists of three main components:

  • Query Interpreter: Accesses and modifies the query execution engine,to modify the appropriate query plans to produce an Internal Representation of the this plan that represented a plan of execution for a set of relational algebra primitives. It provides access to the data structures and data.
  • GPU Compiler: Instantiates the query plan with executable CUDA implementations that are stored in a primitive library. That maps the primitives to the GPU algorithms and corresponding GPU binaries to an executable plan that can executed by the GPU.
  • Execution Engine: Serializes the GPU binary and executes the run time onto the GPU and CPU.

EigerSoft ICE does not replace the existing big data and analytic infrastructures that companies have built, rather it enhances and optimizes them to take advantage of GPU’s. The platform is extensible and has been engineered to work with multiple other front end query languages.




Queries can be executed in an order of magnitude improvement , up to 100x



Save in hardware costs,
energy and resources


Data Insight

Interact and immerse your self in your data.Data exploration becomes dynamic.

Deployment Options


On Premise

Deploy ICE within your own data center



Deploy on Public or Private Cloud


As a Service

Pay for the ICE platform as a Service